Rendez-Vous Rocks 32cl x 24

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Rendez-Vous Rocks

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The Sazerac dates back to around 1950 and was invented by Aaron Bird of the Sazerac Coffee House, New Orleans. The Sazerac Coffee House changed hands many times during the 19th Century, but the aniseedy cocktail remained. The first written appearance is found in William T. “Cocktail Bill” Boothby’s 1908 book ‘The World’s Drinks and How to Mix Them’.
By the early 20th century many cocktails were packed with ingredients and complex to make, the Sazerac and other simple cocktails grew in popularity due to how simple they are to make. Fast forward to June 23, 2008, the Sazerac became New Orleans’ official cocktail.

And the Rusty Nail, in some form or another, dates back to 1937 – in its first appearance it was ostensibly named B.I.F, after the British Industries Fair and credited to one F. Benninam, it is a simple mix Drambuie and Scotch whisky. For the next 30 years the cocktail went by many names, versions and inspired countless diverse new cocktails.
The Rusty Nail, as it is now known, was set in stone in the 21 Club, Manhattan sometimes in the early 1960s. By 1963 Gina MacKinnon, the chairwoman of Drambuie Liqueur Company gave the cocktail her endorsement in The New York Times, the cocktail has since remained popular.

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